Teacher Assistant


Posted: 10/04/2021

OWCAP requires a completed agency application prior to granting an interview. Applications can be completed on our website, in-person at our location or by calling 8013999281 ex 340 to request one by sent by email.  https://www.owcap.org/careers 

SUMMARY OF POSITION:  If you love working with preschool-age children and making an impact in the learning and development of young children, come join the OWCAP team.  According to Head Start guidelines and definitions, plan and implement comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum by providing various materials, activities, and experiences that support a broad range of children’s prior experiences, maturation rates, styles of learning, developmental abilities, needs, cultures, and interests.  Assist children in gaining the skills and confidence necessary to be prepared to succeed in their present environment and with later responsibilities in school and life.  Embrace the role of the parent as the primary educator of the child and promote and support attachment between parent and child.

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to obtain child development associate (CDA) within two (2) years of hire and retain certification thereafter or be enrolled in CDA courses after hire