Associate Corrosion Technician or Senior Utility Worker


Posted: 11/23/2021

Job Summary

This posting is for one (1) position to be filled at either The Sr. Utilityworker, or Associate Corrosion Technician level depending on applicant skills and experience.

Sr. Utilityworker

Performs duties system wide  -Assists in performing  cathodic protection and leak surveys, as required by DOT; Assists in maintaining cathodic protection facilities;  -As necessary, assists in construction and installation of cathodic protection facilities; As necessary, completes job related paperwork, records, changes to cathodic protection system, including all records for DOT required surveys;  -Completes Blue stake location requests when necessary;  -As necessary, responds to all emergency calls such as gas leaks, gas related fire calls, evacuations, asphyxiation and broken gas lines;  -As necessary operates required operations department equipment 

Associate Corrosion Technician

Conducts cathodic protection and leak surveys, as required by DOT. Maintains facilities and equipment.Performs annual cathodic protection or leak survey (monitoring and trouble-shooting). Performs special tests for other departments. Maintains cathodic protection system maps and records. Maintains and repairs leak survey or cathodic protection test equipment. Maintains cathodic protection rectifiers. Interacts with region and area personnel. Complies with all company Standard Practices and DOT requirements. This is the entry level position within the job series.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience

Sr. Utilityworker

6 to 12 months directly related experience. 

The knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences that are required for entry into this job include the following: 6 months experience as a Utilityworker; Basic knowledge of city, county, state and federal codes, laws, company standard practices and safety procedures relating to gas pipelines. Knowledge of construction procedures and techniques. Knowledge of company safety policies and procedures. Basic knowledge of cathodic protection principles. Knowledge of math with decimals and fractions. Basic knowledge of pipeline mapping systems Ability in the use of dispatching equipment such as radios, telephones and computer terminals. Ability to pass required Operator Qualification requirements for the covered tasks performed. Ability to read and interpret distribution maps. Ability to lift and move up to 100 pounds. Ability to see objects at close range and to determine the distance and relationship between objects. Ability to smell to detect burning materials, natural gas, hazardous substances such as ammonia and solvents and toxic substances found in hazardouswastes. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Ability to understand and complete written and oral instructions. Ability to complete reports in legible handwriting. 


Associate Corrosion Technician 

1 to 3 years directly related experience.

Must have basic knowledge of maintenance and repair of leak survey and corrosion detection equipment. Basic knowledge of corrosion principles and corrosion resisting materials. Basic knowledge of leak survey principles. Basic knowledge of electro-chemical and direct current principles. Basic knowledge of Questar Gas leak survey and corrosion Standard Practices.Basic knowledge of DOT regulations pertaining to leak survey and corrosion protection requirements. Ability to read and understand pipeline system maps. Ability to understand and complete written and oral instructions.Ability to communicate effectively orally. Ability to detect odors related to natural gas. Ability to interact with others, to communicate clear instructions and to evaluate results.


Both Positions

Must have the ability to walk 7 to 11 miles while carrying equipment that weighs up to 15 pounds through mountainous terrain. 
Undergo random drug and/or alcohol testing with satisfactory results subject to DOT and company requirements depending on specific job duties; Required to wear safety shoes; May be required to obtain and maintain medical clearance for working with hazardous materials depending on specific job duties; May be required to obtain and maintain medical clearance to wear a respirator and be able to wear respirator as evidenced by satisfactory completion of respirator fit test depending on specific job duties; Comply with OSHA annual audiometric testing requirements; Will be required to become DOT operator-qualified while working in this position; Must possess a valid operator's license for the size and type of vehicle that will be driven on the job; Must have an acceptable driving record; Selected applicant may be required to pass written and skills evaluations as required for this position prior to receiving promotion.

The company is actively seeking United States military veterans and service members who meet the qualifications.

Education Requirements

Education Level: Required: High School Graduate

Licenses, Certifications, or Quals Description

Must possess a valid driver's license for the size and type vehicle that will be driven on the job