211 Associate Director



United Way of Salt Lake’s (UWSL) mission is to build powerful partnerships that achieve lasting social change. We implement data-driven, equitable practices to eliminate barriers to success, and create opportunities and solutions that assist people to achieve their goals, dreams, and human potential. Our workplace is fast-paced, progressive, innovative, friendly, and adaptive; our core values are: Relationships, Results, Equity Mindset, and Continuous Improvement. At UWSL we believe in celebrating success, learning from failure, and setting ambitious goals. We offer competitive compensation including a comprehensive benefit package, generous paid time off, and flexible schedules. People with diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives are encouraged to apply. 

The 211 Associate Director supports the 211 Managing Director in strategy implementation and leads the day-to-day operational functions of the 211 department of United Way of Salt Lake.  The 211 Associate Director will facilitate department-specific human resources-related needs and issues, provide technical support to all 211 teams, provide primary support for the Call Center Team, and ensure continuous improvement to strategy, individuals, and policy and procedures. They will connect 211’s expertise about community members’ needs and assets to efforts to address systemic barriers to health, education, housing stability, and financial stability. They will seek to build individual and team members’ awareness of systemic barriers related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other factors, and seek ways to address these issues collaboratively.  

General 211 Supervision and Personnel Support 

  1. Work to build a culture where 211 staff and volunteers can make decisions (using our core values as guides) in service of 211’s mission, vision and goals. Fully internalize, track and champion 211 and UWSL’s organizational and departmental goals, policies, and processes  
  2. Participate in the 211 leadership team with a focus on supporting strategy implementation, collaborative improvement, and innovation.  
  3. Build and lead a diverse team that enables 211 to succeed: (1) hire the right people; (2) ensure individuals’ work is aligned with strategic priorities; (3) set clear goals and expectations; (4) receive and provide feedback in a timely, direct, constructive way that builds confidence and performance among staff; (5) execute on UWSL’s performance management cycle, including holding regular 1:1 meetings 
  4. Act as first point of support for other directors and managers as needed with staffing and HR issues, consulting with UWSL’s HR team as needed 
  5. Coordinate with UWSL’s HR staff about any staffing difficulties and/or changes while keeping the Managing Director informed of progress and needs 
  6. Develop a sustainable approach for recruiting and training 211 volunteers and interns, and for recruiting and retaining 211 staff members 

Operations Support Personnel Management 

  1. Provide day-to-day direct supervision of 211 lead team to ensure program goals, staffing and client needs are met  
  2. Meet individually with Utah 211 team members quarterly for coaching, training, support and performance management, including review of SMART goals.  
  3. Directly supervise and support 211 leadership as they lead and manage their perspective bodies of work and deliver on agreed results. 

Department Technological Support 

  1. Collaborate and work alongside the data operations team to implement current and future data and technology strategies for Utah 211.  
  2. Support CCM as they oversee the function of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor). 
  3. Support the design and creation call scripting for IVR 
  4. Oversee the technology and software used for all connection center functions and act as primary point of contact for texting and phone providers supporting the Connection Center Manager. Troubleshoot as needed 
  5. Track and review invoicing for the technology and software used for the functions of the connection center.  
  • Telephony services 
  • Text platform 
  • Database  
  • Language line 
  • And others as applicable 
  1. Ensure the availability of metrics for Utah 211 department function, track and report on specific key performance indicators, and offer recommendations and strategies on how to improve and streamline delivery of services 

Continuous Improvement 

  1. Work with the Managing Director to create strategy for the department and plan personal and professional development for the individuals in the department 
  2. Facilitate and coordinate reports that help move department strategy forward, holding individuals accountable for commitments and recommending change as needed 
  3. With the personnel from HR and Strategy and Learning to develop, create, implement and facilitate a development and training plan for department staff 
  4. Train staff on key protocols and procedures and reinforce behaviors as needed 
  5. Support the onboarding, up training, in-service training, and refresher training for all staff including seeking out and recommending out-of-office training 
  6. Plan and co-facilitate with the 211 Managing Director and 211 Administrative Assistant 211 staff meetings and retreats 

Policy and Procedure 

  1. Identify barriers and inefficiencies in processes and procedure, recommend and implement changes with support from directors and managers 
  2. Implement 211 policies related to efficient operations including attendance, data entry, technology use, etc.  
  3. Oversee the creation and implementation of 211 specific policies and procedures (.e.  PTO, comp time, dress code, managing fee-for-service contracts, etc.) 
  4. Oversee the creation and implementation of necessary processes and procedures that ensure a high quality of service in all areas of the department  
  5. Create and/or update policies and hold people accountable for policies including confidentiality, advocacy and mandatory reporting among others 
  6. Coordinate with other system entities to make sure all policies and procedures are aligned  

Team Leadership 

  1. Collaborate with 211 Managers/Directors and Managing Director to outline strategy and create accountability internally  
  2. Coordinate key reports used to inform strategy and internal continuous improvement 
  3. Maintain a positive and professional work environment through appropriate communication with staff, donors, vendors, agencies, and other parties encountered in the course of work 

Delivery of Services in a Disaster 

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of 211 in times of elevated or emergency/disaster response and prepare for continuity of operations and to assume leadership in that process as warranted 
  2. Accountable for the creation, the training, and the evaluation of disaster training for internal and external volunteer agents 
  3. Support and assist with strategy of the training of volunteers throughout the state and in our own organization on how to prepare for and respond to Utah 211’s role and responsibilities regarding disaster response 
  4. Work with Emergency Services Coordinator to make sure the entire staff is ready to fulfil the statutes of MOU’s related to disaster support. 
  5. With the support of the 211 Administrative Assistant, maintain a list of trained volunteers and track frequency of training for each staff member or volunteer.  

Grants and Contracts 

  1. Support grant opportunities and funding diversification efforts for Utah 211 by participating in collaborative efforts when applying for grants or other sources of funding with other UWSL staff and external partners.  
  2. Review and understand expectations of Utah 211 grants and contracts and ensure they are successfully executed, and expectations met.  
  3. Assist in meeting reporting and invoicing requirements 
  4. Assist in budget building for current for future program opportunities 


  1. Represent 211 at meetings, conferences and presentations as assigned  
  2. Answer client calls as needed 
  3. Travel as needed 
  4. Completes other duties as assigned by supervisory personnel  



This is an exempt position with full benefits. $70,000 - 80,000. Salary to commensurate with experience. 




  • Skilled at listening and communicating complex messages 
  • Able to delegate with clear instructions, accountability, and follow up 
  • Able to elicit diverse ideas and opinions from team members and from community members and partners who rely on 211’s services 
  • Able to hold and track detailed, ongoing conversations about project progress 
  • Knows how to anticipates the impact of emerging technologies and events in the external environment and knows how to adapt to change and can lead others through change too. 
  • Readily learns and adopts modern technologies and opportunities 
  • Articulates credible pictures and visions of possibilities that will create sustainable value, creates competitive and breakthrough strategies that show a clear connection between vision and action 
  • Reviews materials to ensure they are accurate, clear and concise, performs follow-up to ensure quality of work product and/or actions are completed  


  • Bachelor’s degree in social or human services field OR equivalent directly related experience  
  • 3 years supervisory experience  
  • 2 years of call center experience  
  • 1 year experience with call center database and/or software systems  
  • Proficiency in Google and Office suites 
  • Basic HR knowledge (e.g. ethical practice, confidentiality, performance management) 


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met to perform the essential functions of this job. The employee is regularly required to talk and hear. The employee is also required to use hands to finger, handle or feel, and reach with arms or hands. There may be some carrying of items such as papers, books, small parts; driving an automobile, etc. Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to do the work.