Lead Advocate - Day Shift M-Th


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $17.00per hour

Monday-Wednesday 7:30am to 6pm and Thursday 7:30am to 2pm. With 4 hours of training time/capacity building. 



The purpose of the Lead Advocate role is to assure shelter advocates have the information, tools and on-the-job training/coaching they need to provide quality victim services. The role also fulfills advocate direct care functions and serves as a critical link with shelter coordinator and director to inform and problem solve in order to continuously improve services to victims of domestic violence.


Leadership Duties: Staff training, coaching and support

1. Provide support and case staffing for advocates on campus during scheduled shift.
2. Consult with other advocates about crisis that occurs to determine if the on-call person needs to be called.
3. Serve as lead for crisis on campus, including working with emergency personnel, coordinating security concerns, and contacting on-call director as necessary.
4. Assist with new employee training on scheduled shift.
5. Provide leadership with campus wide security during shift work.
6. Support ETO quality assurance activities by checking for accuracies with occupancy log, room log and residential log and training/coaching advocates in ETO protocols for core processes and functioning, adopting real-time data entry procedures as supported by YWCA tools and technology.
7. Attend weekly Lead and other assigned meetings
8. Maintain communication with other Leads and help strengthen cross-shift communications.
9. Provide courteous, meaningful help to everyone who asks
Direct Services: Crisis Line
1. When Crisis Contact Advocate is unavailable, answer crisis calls and offer information and assistance according to established protocol, including eligibility screening, referrals, safety planning and support.

Direct Services: Resident Support

1. Mentor and support residents through compassionate, caring, respectful and professional service. Model strengths-based empowerment.
2. Conduct welcome/intake meetings for new residents.
3. Ensure safety of residents by monitoring security and intervening in crises as appropriate.
4. Promote healthy families by engaging program participants in positive recreation and other activities for themselves and their children, and by offering child-centered services available through CAI and Drop-in center. Be present in the café during meals to help mothers with their children and to model and reinforce YWCA community standards.
5. Educate women and teens about healthy relationships and the dynamics of domestic violence, and facilitate their decisions and choices about ongoing services.
6. Provide parenting education and support as needed.
7. Support program participants in achieving their self-determined program goals.
8. Provide information and referral about internal and external support services including referrals for mental health or substance abuse services, crisis mental health services, and internal case management and group support.
9. Encourage residents and other staff to follow YWCA community standards.
Program Support
1. Staff the program office as assigned: receiving phone calls, managing administrative systems, ensuring appropriate documentation.
2. Complete routine tasks, including but not limited to: phone placement, laundry opening, chore check-off, stocking of supply cupboards, donation/volunteer coordination, housekeeping, boutique management, bed/room checks. Consult and fill out “shift duties” form for each shift worked in order to monitor and communicate completion of routine tasks.
3. Assist with licensing compliance for physical facilities, participant files, cleanliness, maintenance, and other tasks.
4. Monitor security in collaboration with all staff to protect the safety and well-being of residents and staff. Report security concerns/breaches through Incident Reporting and Residential Log systems.


1. Follow/teach/coach ETO documentation protocols and core function processes, using real-time data entry procedures as tools and technology supports are available.
2. Assist with licensing compliance and quality assurance for participant files.
3. Complete incident and accident reports promptly and distribute to appropriate staff.
4. Keep all records necessary to ensure that work is conducted in accordance with Domestic Violence established protocols, YWCA policies and contractual, and legal requirements.
5. Keep all personnel and other records in accordance with agency requirements.
Quality and Quantity of Performance
1. Maintain overall performance quality and quantity at a satisfactory level as outlined in the performance review.
Accountability and Relationships
1. Communicate directly with other team members and supervisor to problem solve, resolve conflicts and make decisions.
2. Attend all required staff meetings, individual supervision, agency-wide staff and other trainings, as well as any other meetings as requested.
3. Articulate and promote high ethical, legal, and professional standards in all YWCA programs, activities, and services, and with all agency publics.
4. Establish and maintain effective working relationship with agency staff, other key publics, and any other organizations and individuals important to the success of the YWCA’s work.

1. Committed to providing excellent service to women and children who have experienced domestic violence, and to the YWCA mission.
2. H.S. diploma or GED required. College or other post-secondary education or training in social services (e.g. SSW) is preferred.
3. Knowledge about domestic violence and about child development (through adolescence). Competent in data entry modalities, includes desk top computer and mobile devices.
4. Able to model strengths-based, empowering, respectful behavior.
5. Outstanding interpersonal skills. Highly effective in communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and crisis management.
6. Fluency in speaking and reading English. Bilingual skills preferred.
7. Team player. Must be able to contribute significantly to an agency-wide team approach.
8. Must be flexible and able to work assigned hours and program locations.
9. Ability to relate positively to people of diverse ages, races, ethnicity, nationalities, socio-economic levels, beliefs and lifestyles.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $17.00 per hour